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Rigid Vehicles

PeoplePanel® for Rigid Vehicles

Rigid vehicles are more commonly used for ‘last-mile’ deliveries and frequently operate in urban areas where cyclists and pedestrians are present. Increasing visibility around vehicles and reminding people about danger around them is incredibly important.

One of the most significant areas of driver feedback is an immediately noticeable reduction in near-miss type incidents with other vehicles. Transforming standard grey side rails into a huge visible warning area in a car driver’s eyeline helps increase the error margins between other vehicles, creates further reaction/braking time and reduces collision risk.

PeoplePanels® are also shown to help reduce drag at motorway speeds and contribute towards the overall slipstreaming of the vehicle. Small fuel savings because of this have been reported to us by many of our very happy customers.

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It’s not just a sign,
it’s safety equipment

Research shows that a smooth flat panel covering the standard open rails on the side of a large vehicle offers significant benefits to a person in the event of a collision with a large vehicle.

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Product benefits

Pedestrian Safety

Helps prevent people from becoming entangled in the side of a vehicle where they can suffer serious life-changing or more often fatal injury.

Impact Tested

Materials specially selected to absorb energy, reduce blunt trauma to a person and guard against acute injuries that can be inflicted by sharp edges.

Built to Last

ISO9001 manufactured using the latest equipment and premium materials. All items are inspected prior to despatch to guarantee long product life.


As a manufacturer we have complete control over the design and build process so your PeoplePanels® fit your vehicles every time and maximise safety benefits.

Fuel Efficient

Streamlining benefits recognised by customers reporting fuel consumption benefits at motorway speeds due to natural drag reduction.

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